Apprenticeship Programs

An apprenticeship program in the highway construction trades is similar to college in that most programs are four years in length. However, while a student can accumulate a lot of debt at college, an apprentice can earn real wages while he or she learns. In most union apprenticeship programs, apprentices can even earn college credits at the local community college. Apprenticeship programs require both classroom training and 1,000 hours a year of on-the-job training to advance.


Please refer to the union websites for updates on the apprenticeship programs regarding COVID-19.

Experienced Craft Professionals

Whether you’re an experienced craft professional or an apprentice, we can help you find the perfect opportunity in heavy and highway construction. Experienced craft professionals are invited to explore our guide for more information, or for those interested in beginning a career in construction, please view the current apprenticeship opportunities listed below.

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Credits towards an associate degree at most community colleges upon completion of a four-year apprenticeship program.


The average pay for a construction worker in Pennsylvania.


There are approximately 237,000 construction workers working in the construction industry in Pennsylvania.

Current Apprenticeship Opportunities


Heavy Highway Carpenters Apprenticeship & Training Program

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Cement Masons

Cement Masons Apprenticeship timeline for 2021 class.

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Laborers Apprenticeship Timeline for 2021 class.  Applications are also available year round!

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Operating Engineers

Operating Engineers Apprenticeship Program – Pre-Register.

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Interested in Inspection?

Construction Inspectors ensure projects follow plans and specifications, and they’re also responsible for projects being completed on time and within budget. They monitor just about everything that happens on a construction site, like ensuring the right types of concrete and asphalt are being used. They must be familiar with every part of a construction site, as they take detailed notes throughout the project. By playing Future Road Builders, you will have a chance to experience the work of a Construction Inspector.





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