What is Future Road Builders?

Future Road Builders is a career awareness tool created by Constructors Association of Western Pennsylvania. Through games, videos, imagery and assessment tools, this free app explores a virtual highway construction project and uncovers the skills needed to be a heavy and highway construction apprentice. Get real insight into just what it means to be a construction professional. Click here to learn more.

Road Work Ahead!


Skill Arcade

Dig in and fine-tune your skills with more free games. Test your aptitude with tasks like tying rebar, operating an excavator, and managing traffic control. Each game is free and can be downloaded on a mobile device. With your personal profile, you can gather the badges you’ve earned for potential employers to have a comprehensive view of your skill set.

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Play the game. Get to work.

There is more than one road to take towards a promising career. Future Road Builders can get you started. Download the free app below and explore a virtual world of highway construction.