Using Future Road Builders for Groups

Are you assisting others in career development? The Future Road Builders platform can be utilized by teachers, counselors, and non-profit organizations to introduce people to career opportunities in highway construction. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Using Future Road Builders as a Facilitator:

  • Play the Game – Spending even just one hour playing Future Road Builders can be effective in helping to prepare others decide whether a career in highway construction is a good fit.
  • Invite Others – Utilize the poster and flyer to help explain Future Road Builders is a career awareness tool and to invite others to play.
  • Set Badge Goals – Future Road Builders is designed to reward players for achieving certain benchmarks using badges. The “Get to Work” badge is a great target to set for new players. These badges can be used to improve your chances when applying to an apprenticeship program.
  • Measure Progress – Whether over a few hours or a few weeks, check in with players on their achievements. What badges have they earned? What links have they pursued?
  • Invite Feedback – Meet with each player to discuss what areas of Future Road Builders they found most interesting, most challenging, or just most enjoyable. This can help in identifying which apprenticeship program is the best fit.
  • Encourage Action – There are many steps a player can take from within Future Road Builders. A player can follow links to Apprenticeship applications, watch videos of real construction sites, or even request more information on a trade.

Play the game. Get to work.

Download the free Future Road Builders app below and explore a virtual world of highway construction.